Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avoiding Bugs On-the-Go

For those of you on-the-go bed bugs should definitely be on your radar.  With high room turnover comes increased exposure to bed bug infestations that could follow you home.  Places like hotels and dormitories are ideal places for these pests to jump from one host to another.  A few quick and easy tips could mean the difference between a great trip and a nightmare.

1. Don't put your luggage directly onto the bed:  This is one that most travelers are guilty of.  It seems like such a convenient way to unpack, but it could spell disaster.  As in homes, bed bugs congregate around mattresses to find an easy meal.  Smoother elevated surfaces are less likely to be hiding places.  Places like night stands and bathrooms are a much safer alternative.

2. Check the room before settling in:  Seems obvious right?  Bed bugs make no distinction between five-star hotels and shabby motels.  While higher end hotels may have better resources to battle infestations, they can't catch every problem.  Carefully pull back bedding and inspect all small crevices they could be hiding in.  Alert staff immediately if you detect a problem.

3. Clean thoroughly upon return:  Why take a chance?  Even if they never left your bag, clothes are great places for bugs to hitch a ride.  When you get home wash everything in your luggage.  This should be done with the hottest water possible and also dried.  Closely inspect your luggage and vacuum it out.

With these three easy steps you can go a long way towards preventing an infestation.  Unfortunately due to the nature of this pest, some may slip by unnoticed.  If you suspect bed bugs might have followed you home, call a professional like Scout.  His K-9 abilities can stop a problem dead in its tracks.